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St.Catharines Dental Implants

Niagara Dental Implant Restoration

Niagara Dental Implants - St.Catharines Dental Implants - Thorold

Dr. Rocco Di Paola performs dental implant restoration by attaching artificial teeth to implants anchored in the bone below the gum line. After the anchor has been surgically placed in the jawbone, excess bone and gum grow around the implant, holding it firmly in place. After healing, an artificial tooth can then be attached to the implant. The end result is a strong, secure tooth that is virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

We offer a wide range of dental implant options to choose from. Lets books an appointment to review what you would like to have done or what we can do for you.

Implants, just like natural tooth roots are anchored in the jaw and should be surrounded by bone.

The bony walls surrounding an implant can be damaged for various reasons such that the implant is not completely surrounded by bone to ensure an attractive appearance. From anchoring of the implant in the jaw bone for many years, the implant must be surrounded by bone on all sides by a proven bone substitute material, The damaged bony wall can be restored.  the damaged area is filled with this and Serves as a scaffold for new bone formation to promote undisturbed bone formation and to support wound healing. The damaged area should be covered by a proven protective membrane and is broken down naturally by the body.


After a few weeks, the protective membrane is intermingled with the new bone after four to six months and is then included in the natural remodeling process of the bone through the successful restoration of the bony wall. The implant is now completely surrounded by bone this creates pleasing aesthetic results and ensures that the implant will remain firmly anchored in the jaw bone over time due to bone regeneration, the implant and crown fulfill the function of a strongly anchored artificial tooth with a naturally attractive appearance.

Niagara Dental Implants
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